Chief Wagamammy – Lotti:

“Following a career as IT Project Manager I started doing the things that I really love doing.

I have always had a special connection with animals and nature.   I enjoy meeting pets and their owners and it is really rewarding to see pooches excited and ready for another walk when I arrive on the doorstep.

A healthy mix of love and instinct enables me to adjust my approach with each individual pet, and my very deep Louis Armstrong voice normally gets the attention of those pooches who have a mind of their own.

Whilst I freelance as a Web Designer and Virtual Project Management Assistant, the walks out with the dogs bring a good balance to every day.

The gallery above is a collection of photos I’ve taken of some of the best friends I’ve had over the years.”

What our Clients say:

“Lotti is a natural – my dog Meg loves walking with her. Lotti understands my little worries and cares for Meg as if she was as precious to her as she is to me. I have always found it difficult to let anyone walk Meg, always fearful of her running off but with Lotti I know that Meg will come back happy and content and safe.”    Heather Thomas